EPR Will be open from Monday 3rd October

  • Participants please just use your UoL username when logging-in.
  • Researchers: Remember to add -res to your username e.g. abc1-res
  • Principal Investigators add -pi after your username e.g. abc1-pi

Can't log in? Click on the "Forgot password?" button below.
If you have lost your researcher password remember to add -res to your username.
Likewise add -pi if you are a Principal Investigator.

Please then check your University Email inbox for your login details.
Note: If you are a student you may need to refresh your e-mail inbox (by pressing the F5 key).

If you are unable to attend EPR, please cancel your sign-up and email the researcher.

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Need help?
For more information about deadlines and requirements
please see theBlackboardEPR pages under "School of Psychology Student Support (PSX015)" "School Research Resources" and "EPR information for participants".

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